Business with

a human touch

BlackSquare IT is a Romanian company, founded in 2010, specialized in providing and implementing software, hardware integrated and interactive solutions.

The experience gained over the years translates into countless successful projects developed for private companies in Romania and abroad, as well as for national or local public institutions. With an extensive portfolio of customers and a wide variety of solutions implemented so far, BlackSquare distinguishes itself by the quality of services and products offered, by the competence and qualifications of its team members and by the result-oriented organizational culture.

The ability to understand client needs in detail, flexibility and creativity underlie our success and reputation built over all these years. The experience gained in complex projects, the professionalism of BlackSquare’s team and the extensive network of partners guarantee that our services and products are delivered with strict adherence to all specifications of quality, time and budget. As a service provider, as external resource contracted in outsource projects and as partner in various publicly and privately funded projects, BlackSquare aims for excellence. For us, there are no large customers and small customers, major projects and unimportant projects. For us there are only results and satisfied customers.

BlackSquare, a company with 100% Romanian shareholders, highlights local intelligence and professionalism.

We are constantly searching for and support IT specialists across the country, thus strengthening one of the most dynamic and prepared teams in the market. BlackSquare prides itself with the Romanian intelligence performance and contributes, through company’s work and policies, to the development of a local IT industry whose competitiveness is already recognized worldwide.

A new way of bringing

Products to market

Technology is the shortest way to present opportunities. Technology is not only a window to the future, but a concrete solution to the diverse needs of current businesses and organizations. This is our vision and this is the truth that we are promoting since 2010 on the Romanian and international market. We support public and private institutions to discover and exploit the present opportunities with the help of technology.

We explore market needs to find new ways to use applications and IT technology in various fields. We are permanently connected to new platforms and tools developed in the world in order to contribute as much as possible to the success of our partners.

A few things about

Our creative team

BlackSquare Creative is a leading integrated marketing and communications agency that brings brands to life by developing immersive, entertaining and imaginative experiences.

BlackSquare constantly invents new ways to excite, inform and entertain customers, making them want to learn more, go deeper, “play” longer and participate in an active brand conversation.

BlackSquare has developed revolutionary consumer experiences and campaigns and lasting relationships with it’s customers leading to growth and prosperity to all involved


A few of our treasured works

We love all of our clients, with their unique objectives and try to make the best out of their projects.. But sometimes the chemistry is just right, sugar and splice and raw creative effort.