Our journey from software development to making real business tools

We are a committed team of experts and we want our clients to “feel” this every time they interact with our products; websites, portals or custom enterprise software solutions, all of them must be simple, and seamless to use

Custom built tools built with a familiar workflow

The Square Office Suite was created as a a response to an everchanging market. Our SQO suite is a framework that enables it’s users to feel “at home” creating their own environment and interacting with tools they want without the hassle of exporting or importing weird files or learning everything “from scratch, every time“.

We think that users sould use the software as they see fit and want to explore without the fear of compatibility or limited, expensive know-how.

Here are a few Apps Square Office

users wanted most

Integrated Calendar

Our Square Office Calendar App is easily integrated with Google Calendar or Microsoft apps, it can connect with all other apps in a bi-directional manner.

Team & Tasks Manager

Projects, teams and tasks easily at your fingertips. Square Office Task Manager even proposes adjustments and optimizations for your projects

Process Modeler

Our Process Modeler app, lets you automate part of your processes, no more forwarding information, just create a robust process and time is gained

Interface Builder

Every project has different needs, here is where out Interface Builder shines, you can re-arrange modules, report, fields, buttons, toolbars, just the way you need them

We pride ourselves with our results

Software Development Services

The experience gained in complex projects, the professionalism of BlackSquare’s team and the extensive network of partners guarantee that our services and products are delivered with strict adherence to all specifications of quality, time and budget.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

― Albert Einstein”

Custom Interactive Solutions

The ability to understand client needs in detail, flexibility and creativity underlie our success and reputation built over 10 years in the industry.

Did we say we love technology?

We live on the forefront of technology and we love it here

We partner with only the best in the industry to build reliable and secure applications, for our expertise to shine through we needed to develop solid partnerships across the IT industry, we pride ourselves with partners like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and these are just a few.

WooCommerce Expertise

We all know that keeping a simple web store should be simple, then why not use the perfect solution for the perfect scenario, we can build it, manage it and teach you how to master it.

WordPress Websites

All you need to make a great looking website is just a server and a WordPress install, after this you will need a team of eager developers to make your dream a reality, we are that team!

.NET Framework

For a true Turn Key Enterprise Solutions we use .NET, we love the versatility and the reliance of this platform, we enjoy using it and the results it can deliver.

you think you got it?

we are always looking for talent